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Ryan Murphy’s 'Hollywood' is Fashion's Favorite New Binge Watch

Vintage fashion meets Bacchanalian Pool Parties in Ryan Murphy's latest Netflix drama.
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Set in post-WWII Hollywood, this new drama miniseries shows the lives of aspiring actors and filmmakers with a modern twist. The show tells the story of a diverse group of people trying to create a major film with a black lead and screenwriter at the height of marginalization for actors of color who were typically given roles playing the servants of their white co-stars. 

The 7 episode miniseries was created by Ian Brennan and Ryan Murphy, both of whom are executive producers, alongside Darren Criss, David Corenswet, and Jeremy Pope. Murphy and Brennan have co-created numerous well-known TV shows and films, including Glee, Scream Queens, and The Politician

Hollywood’s premise of ‘what if you could rewrite the story’ comes into play with the show’s unique lens on inclusivity. Jack Castello may be a straight white man, but numerous other characters are of diverse backgrounds, separating the show from other works set during this time period. Raymond Ainsley is a half-Filipino director, who is dating Camille Washington, a black actress, while Archie Coleman is a black, gay aspiring screenwriter and Rock Hudson is newly understanding his sexuality. 

The show stars some well-known favourites, like Darren Criss (who plays Raymond Ainsley) and Patti LuPone (Camille Washington) as well as some fresher faces, like David Corenswet (Jack Castello) and Jeremy Pope (Archie Coleman). Hollywood also has some incredibly talented guest stars, like Queen Latifah, who stars as Hattie McDaniel, and Maude Apatow, who plays Henrietta.

Looking for more details on this instant hit? Lucky for you, we've compiled everything we already know on this Hollywood revival, so check it out below!

This project is part of the major deal Ryan Murphy made with Netflix. 

One of Netflix's biggest deals ever, the streaming service greenlit ten Ryan Murphy projects, four tv shows, three movies, and three documentaries, so we can all look forward to much more content coming from the director in the future. The release of Hollywood follows Murphy's first Netflix series The Politician, which already has big plans for a Season 2. 

There are only seven episodes to start. 

Technically a mini-series, there are seven hour-long episodes, making this a quick binge. Each episode is still equally packed with glamour, drama, and big dreams, so don't hesitate to get started. 

The show hit Number One on Netflix's Top 10 in the U.S. 

Within several hours of releasing, the Netflix series quickly reached the Number One slot in Netflix's popular releases feature, showcasing the most watched shows at any time. Hollywood is still in second place, almost a week after being released. 

Murphy aimed to showcase some fresh faces and acting talent. 

While Ryan Murphy is known to recast some of the same actors in his productions, as seen on Glee and The Assassination of Gianni Versace with star actor Darren Criss, Murphy was intent on bringing new faces to the retelling of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Look forward to great acting from Murphy newcomers such as Laura Harrier, Samara Weaving, and Jeremy Pope. 

The series has an extrodinary costume department. 

Besides some of Glee's more questionable outfits in the earlier seasons, (leg warmers on your arms anyone?), Murphy's productions have become known for their acute detail to fashion and costuming characters. With episodes full of luxurious outfits we associate with the silver screen and glimpses into post-war styles, look no further than Hollywood for your old Hollywood glamour fix. 

While the overall story is fictional, some characters were real people.

Hollywood itself has a long, difficult history with uplifting creatives who don't fit into mainstream beauty and aesthetical boxes of the moment, but Hollywood the series takes on the important task of showcasing the lives of trailblazer actors who faced incredible pressures from societal standards. The series features some guest appearances as well as recurring characters portraying real life icons such as Hattie McDaniel, Anna May Wong, and Rock Hudson. Despite being historical fiction, the series shines a light on important parts of history that should not be overlooked. 

View the trailer below, and stream the show now on Netflix. 



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