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The Future of Primetime TV is Female

Stevie Nicks and Jessica Lange are returning to American Horror Story, while Ruby Rose will play an openly gay Batwoman.
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This fall, televisions across the country can expect to see some amazing performances come to life on primetime programming. Even better is the fact that these actors set to take the small screen are women! Rock icon Stevie Nicks and actress Jessica Lange will both be making returns to Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story for the show's 8th season, Apocalypse (Septemeber 12)—said to be a combination of previous seasons Murder House and Coven.

And if that didn't already excite you, Australian actor and LGBTQ+ advocate Ruby Rose has signed on as the star of a new show, which tells the tale of an openly lesbian Batwoman on the CW. The announcement is yet another win for the LGBTQ+ community in Hollywood following the cue of another Muphy franchise, the critically-acclaimed (and record-breaking) Pose. This will be the network’s first time having an openly gay superhero character headline a series. Rose plays Kate Kane, a former military student who was discharged from the academy for being gay. She then falls down a rabbit hole of misfortune and ends up being taken in by none other than the caped crusader himself. Fuck. Yes.

Of course, there is still plenty of time left before September, so until then, keep supporting other shows that tell women's stories, like Sharp Objects, for instance. 

Here’s to more representation and girl bosses on TV.

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