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This Movie Is Going to Take You Back to Eighth Grade

A pretty accurate reflection of the awkward middle school days.
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Remember that time in middle school? Or has everyone repressed their memories of those awful three years? Or perhaps you remember, specifically, eighth grade, when you were so desperately ready to hang out with high schoolers, but still had braces on and a neon backpack. Well, this movie is going to make you feel like you're back in that seat — with the addition of Instagram, Twitter, and all the exposure later generations dodged. 

Eighth Grade made its first appearance during Sundance Film Festival and was immediately picked up by Lady Bird's film distributor, A24. The plot follows 13-year-old Kayla (Elsie Fisher) surviving the end of eighth grade through her YouTube rants and Snapchat filters. In his directorial debut, comedian Bo Burnham wanted to reflect his own experiences. According to USA Today, Burnham said, "I wanted to write something about the Internet and my own anxiety, and how it felt." 

Eighth Grade premiers July 13 

Watch the trailer below: 

Eight Grade Trailer

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