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Watch the New Trailer for Thirteen Reasons Why

Get ready for an intense season two.

Just when you think it’s all over for Clay Jensen, new mysteries begin to unravel. The trailer for season two reveals the linchpin of this season: a Polaroid Clay finds in his locker reading, “Hannah wasn’t the only one.”

Though production was well before the dawn of the Me Too movement, this season’s focus on serial sexual assault strikes a strong cultural chord as it deals with the complicity of institutions that work to undermine victims who come forward.

The series of polaroids tracks a trail of new perpetrators and victims as characters deal with the fallout of last season. While Bryce is on trial, Clay confronts his own grief and trauma – with a gun. It seems the insidious web of events at Liberty High has only begun to unravel.

Thirteen Reasons Why returns to Netflix on May 18.

Watch the trailer below:

13 Reasons Why Season 2 Trailer

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