Anwar Hadid Is All Grown Up

Anwar Hadid gives us a glimpse at his world.
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At only eighteen, the youngest of the Hadid siblings has already made his first steps on the runways of Zadig & Voltaire and Philippe Plein, and posed in campaigns for Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger. While his sisters proceed him, Anwar is carving out a career of his own. Here, he clues us in on growing up, his social media impact, and design aspirations. 


Vous avez des racines hollandaises. Avez-vous déjà été à Amsterdam?

Oui, souvent même! Depuis ma naissance, ma mère m'a emmenée aux Pays-Bas presque chaque été. J'ai célébré mon premier anniversaire chez ma grand-mère à Papendrecht. J'ai toujours profité des fêtes pour passer du temps avec ma famille hollandaise, aller à l'Efteling et manger des poffertjes. Les Pays-Bas sont un pays merveilleux avec une culture qui me plait beaucoup, probablement parce que je suis à moitié néerlandais.


Quel genre d'enfant étiez-vous? Quels étaient vos passe-temps?

J’étais un garçon très calme. Je collectionnais des cristaux et j'étais fasciné par le côté magique et mystique de la vie. J'ai aussi joué au football et au football américain.

Your mother was spotted in the television series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. What effect did it have on you?

Until I was twelve, we lived in Santa Barbara and lived a "normal" life, beyond the spotlight. When we moved to Malibu and my mom took part in the show, it changed slightly. But she always protected me from that, because I was still very young and I did not particularly like it. This change has had little impact on me until I got older. This has mostly changed our daily family life at home, our habits.

How do you react to your sisters’ fame?

It's really great to see how my sisters are so successful in what they like to do. I am very proud of the women they have become and the way they work, all with an overbooked agenda. I admire them a lot.


"My dream? Become a designer!"

And now it's your turn to start a modeling career. How do you combine that with school? What are your future projects?

In the last two years, I have been homeschooled, which is more suited to my work and other activities that interest me. I am working on the launch of a line of jeans and a line of jewelry. My dream? Develop my sense of design to express myself creatively in the future.

How do you describe your style? Who are your favorite designers?

I appreciate all the designers because a fashion brand is a personal expression of the artistic vision of the creator. I like diversity. My style is quite casual, but I like to shift my looks with a little detail. I think I inherited my passion for fashion from my Dutch grandfather, Gerard van den Herik; He is the founder of the company Van den Herik Shirtmakers.

How do you relax?

I like being outdoors, in nature. I like to watch movies and chill with my friends every day.


How important is social media for you?

Social networks are part of the daily life of my generation. I use it to communicate with people around the world. This is where I expose my thoughts and the things I see to share them with others.


1.4 million people follow you on Instagram. Does that increase the pressure?

I think social networks are an excellent platform, which allows you to reach a large number of people immediately, as long as you use them correctly. I always try to send a positive message to the world through my posts. So I hope to encourage others to do the same, and I hope we can create a better, more peaceful world in this way.

Anwar Hadid is wearing Hilfiger Edition clothing

Artistic Director: Nicolette Goldsmann

Production: Olivia Davies, OFFICIAL MEN NL

Photography: Guy Lowndes

Styling: Danyl Geneciran

Grooming: Danielle Piersons for Oribe

Photography assistant: Vince Perini

Thanks to Adobe Barns


Text: Paulijn van der Pot

Translation: Félix Besson


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