Cultural Recommendations: The Ferrari Museum in Modena

Love cars? Love museums? Make your way to the Italian city of Modena—birthplace of the iconic prancing horse—to check out the institution’s renovations and exhibition.
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The Ferrari Museum of Maranello and its partner establishment The Enzo Ferrari Museum of Modena, are some of the most visited museums in Italy, boasting over 530,000 visitors in 2017 alone. Founded in 1990, the museums tell the incredible story behind the Ferrari brand and the individuals that have made it what it is today. This year, architect Benedetto Camerana (of Camerana & Partners) has been tapped to commemorate the launch of two new thematic exhibitions with a remodeling of the space.

The first exhibition, themed ‘Passion and Legend,’ traces the history of Ferrari in three segments: Enzo Ferrari, How a Ferrari was and is made, Car styling, Racing and Formula 1. The cars themselves will, of course, be on full display, including the first Ferrari for road use (the 166 Inter of 1948) and the 1956 250 GT SWB Berlinetta. The models span from way-back-when to current times, including limited series like the F12tdf.


The second exhibition, entitled ‘Driven by Enzo,’ features Enzo Ferrari’s hand-picked comfort, style and sporty favorites. Among these is the 1960 250 GT 2 + 2, the 456 GT, 400 GTi and 412. Such was his love that, even after taking on a chauffeur in 1969, Enzo insisted on remaining in the passenger seat.

The exhibition path is based on the idea that a museum should not be a mere container of finds, but a guided path along which visitors can experience a journey through time. The Ferrari journey is highlights both immense technique and emotion, much like the custom-built cars that were coming out of the Maranello factory every day. The new strategically positioned walls, lighting systems, and raised platforms truly enhance the enjoyment for each and every visitor.


The exhibitions will be on show at the Ferrari Museum in Modena until May 2019


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