Meet Hollywood’s Tailor Maurício Placeres

The Uruguay-born Brazilian first emerged as one of the most important tailors in South America, now, he dresses the world.
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A promising young actor, determined to rise to the top of Hollywood, is forced to overcome his obscure past in an adventure that brings him to the brink of his sanity. This is the synopsis for Carte Blanche: a short film made in 2018 by writer, director, and actress Eva Dolezalova.

Beyond its fascinating storyline and impressive cast, this film deserves our attention because of one Maurício Placeres—a tailor whose portfolio not only includes the cast of this film, but Dylan Sprouse, Jack Kilmer, Jordan Barrett, Johnny Whitworth, Gregory Itzin and Jeremie Lahuerte, all of whom have worn outfits à la Placeres. Maurício is a young, modern Uruguay-born Brazilian who has made it a mission to invest in South American fashion. Inheriting a taste for creation from his production engineer father, Maurício had followed in Luiz’s footsteps and built a career in the international clothing industry.

What distinguishes the young Brazilian from others in the field, is a concern that goes beyond impeccable cuts: Placeres wants people to be well dressed, elegant and absolutely comfortable when using his pieces. This is exactly what caught the eye of the film world when producers first brought him in to develop costumes.

Placeres’ brand has its roots in Uruguay—where he created his first works—but the tailor eventually made his way back to Brazil in 2012 where the market potential was bigger. It was here that he decided to open a physical space to serve his clients and, today, Placeres is a success among the most elegant suit-wearers in South America.

From musicians and doctors to executives, Maurício Placeres’ clientele hail from the Americas and Europe. He also develops fabrics with major Italian and British manufacturers who tend to the likes of Gucci, Saint Laurent, Schiaparelli and John Galliano among others. Despite this incredibly busy schedule, the tailor still makes time to provide some fashion and product consulting within the fashion industry. L’Officiel Brazil is incredibly proud of this young tailor, and rightly so!

View Placeres​'s work in the ​​​​​​gallery below. 

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