Jamie Campbell Bower Stars In Fendi's Spring 2018 Men's Eyewear Campaign

The English heartthrob gets introspective and cheeky in a short and sweet clip.

English heartthrob Jamie Campbell Bower is a triple-threat. His past creative forrays include acting and singing with his band Counterfeit, and as of late, the 30-year-old has been channeling his creative energy through modeling, as a new face for Italian power brand Fendi.

And now, in a new video campaign for Fendi's Spring 2018 Men's Eyewear collection, Bower gets introspective in a Warholian interview that's both short and sweet. A private camera pans between contrasting yet exciting moments that entail his day-to-day, from his off-duty dressing room where he lounges in a bathrobe, takes a phone call before taking snaps in a cheeky, self-portrait photoshoot. The film ends with a private performance onstage, where the rockstar jams out on his guitar, freeing both his creativity and imaginative spirit. 

Discover the full video on June 12 at

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