Lucky Blue Smith Targets Acting as His New Dream

Model superstar Lucky Blue Smith is ready to grace the film stage not just the runway
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Photography by John Balsom

Fashion by Christian Stroble 

Casting by Kegan Webb

If Lucky Blue Smith has his way this time next year we’ll be seeing him on the big screen. “My main goal right now is to book the one thing that puts me on the map in the film industry. I’ve been working with acting coaches for four years now to get comfortable with it,” explains 21-year-old Smith, who began modeling at the age of 12 and, by the age of 16, had fronted fashion campaigns for Tom Ford, graced a dozen magazine covers and in a music video created by Tom Ford for his spring campaign featuring Lady Gaga and her song “I Want Your Love.” “Now, I’m finally ready to go in and audition. I auditioned for a couple things last year and got a couple callbacks and it didn’t work out and that’s okay. But now I’m ready to get a nice role in a big movie.” Smith’s three million Instagram followers will certainly be excited if the Utah native makes an official switch to acting, offering them more face time with the actor. As of now, Smith says he even occasionally gets criticized for the parts of his own life he censors on social media. “I don’t post my daughter on Instagram. I want to let her have a childhood, before putting her into the public eye. She’s barely learning to talk right now. She’s just two and a half,” he says of his daughter Gravity Blue with former partner Stormi Henley, a model and Miss Teen USA 2009. “I used to post her but then one day I decided it didn’t make sense anymore, I wanted that to be her decision. I’ve definitely seen backlash on that. [People on Instagram have] said: ‘You’re not there for your daughter; you’re not with your daughter ever.’ I have 50/50 custody; they will say that when she’s literally sitting right on my lap. There are certain subjects that won’t affect me, but we’re all human. Certain ones hurt.”


Fashion Assistants Daniel Avero, Kate Strand, Gigi Freyeisen

Grooming Mira Chai Hyde (House of Skuff and SK-II Skincare)

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