Moncler Launches an Extreme Sports Collection

With Moncler Grenoble "High Performance," the Italian brand is challenging men's fashion by giving even more style to extreme sports.
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Iouri Podladtchikov (better known as I-Pod) and Kevin Rolland are the first to get to test out Moncler's latest gear. If you are well over 30 and have never climbed more than 2,000 meters above sea level, then these two names may not mean anything to you. On the other hand, for a whole generation of addicts to the "vertical world," pros or amateurs, these two boys require respect. They are a reference in their field: extreme skiing. The first, soon to be 29 years old, of Russian origin, settled in Davos, is a Swiss snowboarder specialized in Half-Pipe and Big Air events. The second, just 28 years old, is a freestyle and freestyle French skier, a Half-Pipe specialty.

Being soical media superstars, both are in the line of sight of more than one equipment manufacturer. The Italian brand Moncler has just signed a sporting partnership with them as official testers of their new line "High Performance" section of Moncler Grenoble.

These two ambassadors are pros and carry the same style as the house in competition and training– all in technique and style. Remo Ruffini, owner of the brand, says that they are going back to the DNA of the first jackets launched in 1952 by the small company of Haute-Savoie. The well-honed style, leading trends, as well as the high technicality, always innovative, are the hallmarks of the line Moncler Grenoble, dedicated since its creation in 2010 to the technical sports of competition. This was further strengthened a year ago by the launch of this collection called "High Performance." 

As technological and functional as they are, Moncler is also able to defy climatic conditions out of the ordinary. Their products must also offer irreproachable comfort and a furiously vintage aesthetics. With "High Performance" and its two new ambassadors, Moncler flies high, definitely ensuring the brand a place of choice on the now coveted podium of extreme sports premium.


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