Nine Foods to Increase Testosterone

The solution to combatting spring asthenia is simple: eat!

With the arrival of spring, joy, happiness, and life should abound in plenty. It's a time of year when everything appears more beautiful and colorful, but sometimes that's not the case. The transition into a new season can often leave the body feeling out of whack, caused by spring asthenia. Symptoms include exhaustion and fatigue as we adapt to a new environment, which not only affects how you feel but can also throw your testosterone levels off, too. Luckily, there is a solution to combatting this and it starts with what you eat.

Eating more testosterone-rich foods is said to assist the body's fight against depression while increasing muscle mass and decreasing body fat. Studies have also shown that testosterone may improve cognitive function, support increased sex drive, and can even strengthen the heart. So what are you waiting for? Incorporate the foods below in your diet today. 

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