Pitti Optical Power

The global fashion event turns 94 this year.
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In Florence, the most anticipated fashion event of the year has arrived: Pitti. Twice a year, the international fashion crowd gathers in the Italian city to take in all the latest in men's accessories and clothing in the form of a massive trade show which takes place over the course of four days. For 2018, Pitti presents POP Pitti Optical Power, a visual-virtual feast for the eyes that stimulates both new horizons and perception. Fittingly different much like Pitti itself, this new project is a colorful and comical party of colors inside the Fortezza da Basso, curated by Sergio Colantuoni in collaboration with SPINEBIKE.

Based on the evolution of riding a bike, POP PITTI OPTICAL POWER is launching a new concept of urban mobility. Pitti-goers will be able to purchase a selection of items and special editions of "Firenze POP" bicycles covered in graphics and colors. It's a new concept that brings together music and art for the digital age, created by Lateral Creative Hub, with motion graphics by Ditroit and direction by Diego Diaz, with music from Alessandro Branca for Human Touch Music.

So even if you can't make it to Italy, watch the video, below, and let yourself be carried away to the kaleidoscopic world of Pitti Uomo. 

Pitti Optical Power

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