Pitti Q+A: Hiroshi Fujiwara of Moncler

Held in the inner courtyard of Florence’s grand Museo Nazionale del Bargello, Hiroshi Fujiwara unveiled the first part of his collaboration with the iconic Italian lifestyle brand.
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The Japanese music and streetwear legend, Hiroshi Fujiwara, is in Florence to launch a major collaboration with Moncler as part of their Moncler Genius initiative, and we caught up with him for his thoughts on Italian style and New York in the 80s among other things. 7 Moncler Fragment Hiroshi Fujiwara is the penultimate segment of the outerwear brands freeform collaboration with creatives from across the world and mediums (Simone Rocha and Craig Green are recent guests). If you are familiar with Fujiwara’s cult brand GOODENOUGH which he started in 1989 or just a fan of his music and iconoclastic style, the Moncler project does not disappoint. The pieces will be available and sold on June 14 in Moncler boutiques,, and exclusively on for the next five days. 


We caught up with the man of the hour moments after the electrifying show. 

What was your experience of Moncler before you did the Genius Project? Was it something you were familiar with or wore before you collaborated?

I knew them as a company but I didn’t know much more until I spoke to Mr. Ruffini. He explained and I saw the product and was surprised at how good it was.


And why did it feel like it would be a good match between you and Moncler?

I feel I'm really lucky to do this with Moncler, with their techniques and things. I thought I could input my flavor into Moncler which would work really well.


You spent a lot of time in New York in 80s during the birth of hip-hop, which was something you famously then brought back to Japan. What was that time like in New York?

That was the beginning of hip-hop. I had been in London a bit before for a few months and then my friend told me that London was kind of finished…that punk was over. Go to New York, he said, there is something happening. So I came and saw all of the hip-hop things happening.


Do you remember the first hip-hop artist you saw and what that felt like?

I think it was Grandmaster Flash and Afrika Bambaataa. My friend was working for Tommy Boy Records so I visited there.


There is a lot of nostalgia for that moment in New York. What do you think about that?

Everyone kind of misses that feeling. The 80s and 70s. The 70s punk in London, and the 80s hip hop in New York. It’s not good and bad or better and worse, it was just different. A different time.


How do you see people wearing these on the street?

These aren’t meant to be head to toe. I’m happy if someone wears the shirt with another brand or my jacket with another brand. I like the mix.


What do you like about being in Florence for Pitti and why is it interesting to you?

This is my second time here, I always like Florence. It’s a nostalgic very European feel. Very Italian which interests me. The don’t really wear sneakers so much here though, haha. But still very interesting.

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