Raf Simons Men's Fall 2018

"Youth in Motion" brought together art, cinema, literature, music, and the counter culture.

Simons drew inspiration from the movie Christiane F. for his Fall 2018 collection, which tells the story about a teenage junkie in late 1970s Berlin. Printed on sweaters and t-shirts, her face became a centerpiece in the collection, along with the word "DRUGS" as a recurring motif. 

Possible trend —

The Dior alumni taught us a new way to wear sweaters: false sweater fronts that hang by the turtlenecks. 

The location —

Set like a Flemish still-life painting, the show space was overflowing with bouquets of flowers, wine bottles, loaves of bread, and fruits. The runway portrays the salons of mid-century couture houses— a contrast from Simons' collection, which boasts utilitarian manners of pocketed 'space' pants and hooded tabards with their indexical narcotic references.

Christiane F.
Christiane F.
Sweater front
Sweater front

See every look from the collection: 



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