Reconstruct Spring 2019

The Amsterdam-based fashion collective's mothership landed just in time for New York Fashion Week Men's.
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A lot can happen in three weeks — including putting on a full-blown fashion show. But to anyone who says such a feat is impossible, Amsterdam-based collective Reconstruct have proven it’s not. 

Consisting of five unique and powerful female individuals: Laura Aanen, Alyssa Groeneveld, Kim Kivits, Michelle Lievaart and Sanne Verkleij who met at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, Holland. They traveled from Amsterdam to New York City, booked an Airbnb in Brooklyn and began planning their youth culture spectacular extravaganza at Industria Studios in the West Village. 

Titled "Retrograde Orbit," it was their fourth collection and inspired by a (fictional) planet called "Re-4" populated by a new group of alien species. The défilé was brought to life thanks to the incredible work of Art Director Dennis Vanderbroeck and stylist Matthew Mazur, while the musical ambiance came courtesy of Dutch producer DJ Geneevre. 

Using a gorgeous cast of diverse models, the clothes themselves spoke to where young people are now: passionate, DIY, nomadic, and always looking forward to tomorrow while capturing the glorious and rebellious spirit of fashion in the '90s. 

View every look from the collection, below. 


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