Anna of the North is Back and Ready to Play Some Mind Games

The up-and-coming pop artist is playing with her lover's head and she's not afraid to say it.
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Listen up, folks! Anna is back. The Queen of the North just dropped another single from her upcoming sophomore album and she is serving yet another shimmer-pop sensation. This time around, Anna is "Playing Games" with her lover's head. Ever the unabashed woman in control, she decides to be brutally honest with her lover, letting them know in no uncertain terms that she's playing with their heart in order to remain in control of the situation. This woman continues to refuse to give up control.

'We’ve all been there," says Anna of the relatable concept behind her track. "Sometimes it might be better, being honest, 'cause you might end up pushing this one person away." With affirmations like that to match the new bop, we have no choice but to stan. 

The glimmering track is yet another tantalizing addition to a bold new chapter for Anna of the North. With the new track following eccentric pop power anthem "Thank Me Later" and its saccharine accompanying video, as well as the defiant raw single "Leaning On Myself" and its equally powerful follow up "Used To Be," the artist's latest work asserts she is in full control.

"Playing Games" comes directly out of your favorite '80s teen movie. Anna's wistful voice croons sweetly over the strong bass line and melts perfectly into the synth overlay. Honestly, I need someone to come pick me up in their dad's red convertible so we can spend the final evenings of our summer cruising around with the top down while blasting "Playing Games" on repeat. I'll be ready just after 9 p.m. Text me when you're close. 

Check out Anna's new bop below, and keep an eye out for her album, which will bring us even more new tunes this fall.


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