Ariana Grande Takes Inspiration from 2000s Films for 'Thank U, Next'

Instagram teasers have revealed the musician will be referencing 'Mean Girls,' 'Legally Blonde,' '13 Going on 30,' and one other cultural fixture in the video for her smash hit breakup song.
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Bend, and snap! Just weeks after sending the world into a collective obsession with 'Thank U, Next,' Ariana Grande is capturing attention again by teasing some nostalgic inspiration for the single's upcoming video.

The musician revealed in a Tweet that the 'Thank U, Next' video will reference four films, and three of them have come to light via Instagram. The first is Mean Girls, which some may have guessed from the song's Burn Book-esque cover art. Additionally, 13 Going on 30 is a source of inspiration, as Grande recently announced by posting a photo of the dollhouse.

Perhaps the subject that has provided the most to unpack is Legally Blonde, as three posts show Grande becoming her own version of Elle Woods. She poses with Jen Coolidge (AKA Paulette) and holds an orange iBook computer, and a dog relaxes on a pink pool float. Taking from this film seems especially fitting, as 'Thank U, Next' sees the musician moving past her ex-boyfriends to shine on her own, much as Woods becomes a top law school student while working through her breakup with Warner Huntington.

The fourth film will be announced tomorrow unless Grande confirms any expert guesses from fans. In the meantime, the world will be searching for iconic 2000s movies that fit the theme. Could it be the empowering beauty pageant of Miss Congeniality? Or what about Princess Diaries 2, when Mia decides she can become queen without a man? Only time (and Instagram stories) will tell, but whatever the outcome, it's sure to break the internet.

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