Betty Who Releases First Single After Going Independent

The track is titled "Ignore Me".
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Inspiration comes from odd places sometimes. In the case of Betty Who's most recent single, it was her split with her record label that inspired her latest single, "Ignore Me," out today for purchase and streaming.

“It sounds like it’s about a boy..." she says about the track. "There’s a fun double meaning to the lyrics. It was really empowering and satisfying to say, ‘Ignore me because you’re the one who thought you didn’t need me, and I’m already on to the next thing.’”

The empowerment is rampant through the song. It's not a song for mourning, something that becomes obvious when you hear the backing beat bubble up before the vocals start. After last year, it's important more now than ever for some people to purge toxicity from their lives, and "Ignore Me" is an anthem for those who just want to focus on themselves. "Ignore Me" subverts the traditional, more spiteful take on loss, and goes directly to moving on, kicking ass, and taking names. It just might be your January anthem. Listen below.

Betty Who - "Ignore Me"



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