#BTSxMattel: Mattel Unveils the First Look of the BTS Fashion Dolls

We can hear the ARMY screaming around the world right now.
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A household name in the world of toys and the maker of Barbie, Mattel takes its toy-making skills to new heights with a new doll collaboration with BTS, one of the biggest K-Pop boy bands in the world.

Ahead of the official drop of the dolls, Mattel dropped the bomb on Twitter on 26th March with a string of teasers of the entire BTS doll collection, which is inspired by the idol group's iconic IDOL music video.

Since the announcement, the world, especially the ARMY (the official BTS fandom), has gone berserk with buzz and excitement.

And without further ado now, we will let you feast your eyes on the doll collection, which has an almost uncanny resemblance to the boys themselves.


Swipe gallery below to see an up-close view of each doll:


This new collaboration comes as very exciting news for ARMYs everywhere, ahead of their comeback on 12th April 2019, with an album titled "Map of the Soul: Persona". 

While some criticised the execution by Mattel (like the hair), other finer details like the eye shadow used and the dimples on some of the faces of the dolls are spot on.

For those of you who are new to the K-Pop scene, BTS (also known as Bangtan Boys/방탄소년단) has been on the headlines of the music industry for the past few years for breaking boundaries, from topping the Billboard 200 albums chart to being the first Korean band to perform live at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards and the first K-pop group to speak at the United Nations, they are, without a doubt, one of the biggest K-Pop acts right now.

But whatever it is, being loyal and supportive ARMYs as always, the dolls will definitely be sold out to fans in a matter of minutes on the launch day in September 2019.

For those wondering about the price, you have nothing to worry about as the dolls are reportedly only US$20, which totals up to $140 for the whole set. So, will you be one to join in the excitement and snatch these up in September?

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