How Cassie Learned to Trust Herself

The musician opens up about working with a new creative team, motherhood, and the importance of keeping an open mind.
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Photography by Adrienne Raquel

Styled by Deonte “DeO” Nash

For many, the phrase “Living my best life” can often be hyperbolic, but for Cassie, it’s an accurate way to describe her current state. After a high-profile breakup from her longtime boyfriend, Diddy, the 32-year-old is doing just that, embracing motherhood alongside beau Alex Fine, working with a new creative team of black and brown females, and releasing new music in the process. First came "Excuses" then "Hungover." Today, we were gifted with "Don't Let Go." Each song creates its own universe brought to life by her signature sultry vocals

Yes, Cassie is living her best life, no doubt with even better things on the horizon. Having undergone her very own form of evolution, she is taking control of her own narrative for the first time—both on a personal level and artistically.

What does it mean to be working with a team of black female creatives? What is the energy like in the room?

When it comes to me choosing to work with certain people I have to go off of an organic connection. I love the fact that everyone that I work with now communicates fully on every aspect, we are not in competition, we work as a team and they actually understand who I am and who I want to mold myself to become. As a group, we work as a collective. For me, this is the first time that I feel that I actually have a strong team in place that has my best interests at heart and the added bonus is that the majority of the team are creative black females. To me, it means we see each other.

The energy I feel when we’re in a room together is unmatchable. We all have our own levels of experience and we bring our best to the table. We support each other and balance each other out all at the same time. It just works. This shoot with Adrienne was especially important to me because it came after a long break of not being in front of the camera, it was my first real shoot on my terms and my first shoot glammed and pregnant!

Adrienne understood how I wanted it to feel and the shoot exceeded my expectations. I love the photos. They are fresh, strong and confident. I really loved working and connecting with Adrienne, she is a very special woman.


How has your music or style changed since working with a new team?

More than anything, I would say that my creative process has changed since working with a new team. I feel supported so I make decisions based on what’s best for me. I used to spend the most time overthinking the smallest things and always worrying about how people felt that I neglected how I really felt and what would make me happy. I wasn’t creating from the heart. I’m still making sure that things are well thought out, but I’m doing what makes sense for my life. I’m just a woman coming into my own learning to trust myself. It’s empowering.

Have your priorities or outlook changed since the pregnancy? Any new perspective?

My priorities have absolutely changed, not just for creating an amazing future and life for my daughter, but because I want her to be proud of me. I’ve heard people say that they’re nervous to raise females in today’s world, but I’m excited! I can’t wait to see her grow, learn and challenge the world right back!

What kind of role model are you looking to be for your kid, and how does your music play a role in that?

The kind of role model that shows her that she can be whomever she wants to be and that she has all of the love and support in the world. I hope to make her understand the bigger picture in life and that you don’t have to solely be one thing in this world. I want her to know that she can choose. My music is just part of a legacy that I wish to leave behind, for her and other women to be inspired by.


After years in the business, what’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned when starting a new chapter?

The most valuable thing I’ve learned in starting a new chapter is that it’s okay to ask for help. Recognize your resources, utilize them and then help others. Keep your mind open, the most unexpected things happen when you stay open.


Creative Director: Fataah T. Dihaan, Coup Créative

Hair: Candice “CeCe” Hudson

Makeup: Rokael Lizama

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