Inside the Mind of DJ and Producer Digital Farm Animals

The artist shares the method behind his music ahead of the release of his latest collaboration with Becky G and featuring Rvssian, titled “Next to You.”
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If pigs could fly, they’d be led into the sky by a half pig, half man creature wearing a blaring pink, futuristic space pig helmet. This creature refers to himself as Pigman, but others may know him better by his stage name, Digital Farm Animals.

The DJ and producer, originally from the United Kingdom and less notably known as Nick Gale, has joined the likes of Marshmello, Daft Punk and Deadmau5 in adopting an alternate stage presence in the form of a standout headpiece. And like these fellow DJs, Gale has worked with a roster of remarkable talent. Hits like “Back to You” by Louis Tomlinson featuring Bebe Rexha, and Dua Lipa’s “Be The One” have the artist's creative footprint all over them, his instrumental and electronic sound bleeding through. Gale was originally on track to become a lawyer at the wish of his parents but eventually chose to give it up—thankfully for us, since it’s clear the artist is cut out for success in the music industry.

The Pigman’s next collaboration is just as enticing as his previous work: “Next to You” with Becky G, featuring Rvssian drops Friday. Ahead, Digital Farm Animals talks all things music, including this latest single.


How did you and Becky G come to work on “Next to You” together?

As soon as we made the record, I knew Becky would be perfect for it. Luckily, she loved it. She’s made it sound better than I pictured.


What inspired the sound behind this song?

Once Rvssian had fucked with it, it became obvious that a more dance hall style suited the sonic of the record. 


What would be the perfect setting to play this new track?

Club. Kitchen. Car. Studio. Boombox. Strip club.


Growing up in the UK, were there any aspects of British culture that helped shape your sound?

Not that you can hear it in this record, but my main influences were always bands growing up. Coldplay, Radiohead, Prodigy. I’ve always loved pop records that have an edge. I always strive for that. Whether I achieve it or not I’m not sure, but that’s my overall ambition. 


Your parents encouraged you to study law. What was the moment when you decided that it wasn’t for you anymore?

When I realized you had to read a lot. 


How has your music changed from when you first started out?

It was way better before! [Laughs] It changes. I get a lot of inspiration from every genre really. I write 4-5 songs a week. So, I’m always trying to keep up! 


If you had to break down your creative process in stages, what would that look like?

Wake up. Annoy manager. Get to the studio. Listen to lots of current hits. Listen to old records. Try and make a hit myself. When I’m working with others, it’s obviously a more delicate process. Trying to ensure everyone’s opinion is heard and everyone is happy. It’s a more intricate way of creating music. I love both. 

Which comes first: the lyrics or the beat?

Depends on the song! 


What did it feel like the first time you heard one of your songs on the radio?

Like I needed to write another hit! It’s pretty inspiring and addictive. 


Who are your biggest influences and why?

Coldplay. Every album is diverse: the lyrics, the ambition of everything, the relentless quality music that changes radio. Same with Rihanna. 


Where did the concept of the PigMan come from?

Concept? He’s real!


If the pig wasn’t your look, what other farm animal would you choose?

Umm. He’s real. 


On all the touring you’ve done, what has been your favorite show to perform at? What makes it so special to you?

Tomorrowland. It felt like its own city. It was incredible.


What’s next on your career agenda?

I want to see 100,000 people dressed in pink, dancing to my records.


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