Drake's Plan to Drop a Million Dollars in New Music Video

Drake just went way over budget on his "God's Plan" music video. How he spent the money will make you tear up.

Drake just spent a total of $996,631.90 on his music video for "God's Plan."  Filmed in Miami, the hip-hop artist went to grocery shops, universities, a women's shelter, and even the fire department to make donations. In one scene, he surprised families in the park and gave them stacks of cash — a lot of tear-worthy moments here. He also took women on a shopping-spree at Saks Fifth Avenue (where can we sign up?). 

A day before the music video was released, he took to Instagram to call the project "the most important thing I have every done in my career." Keep on doing good work Champagne Papi. 

Watch it below: 

God's Plan Music Video

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