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Welcome back to edition seven of L'Officiel USA's weekly sift through music's newest releases. Ahead, you'll find the perfect tune for every occasion.
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'Closer' - Astrid_S

Subject Matter: "Tell her, tell her that it's over, that we're closer, closer." Need we say more?

Feels: Astrid's voice is about as angelic as her face. Paired with a dipping 90s-style beat, however, this Norwegian's crooning adds the perfect amount of sultriness.

Appropriate Setting: Nothing like that sweet, sweet strumming to wake you up on this frigid Friday morning. This song is recommended for those who are blessed enough to have a late start today but who, obviously, are still in need of a little pick-me-up while A) choosing your OOTD B) Buttering your bfast toast C) showering.

Okay, tell me more: Safe to say Astrid_S has officially won the hearts of modern pop lovers across the world. This year, she adds Vevo's DSCVR 'Artists to Watch 2019' and YouTube's 'Ones to Watch 2019' to her long list of accolades (including an MTV EMA Award, a 'Newcomer of the Year' Norwegian Grammy and the Spelleman Grammy for 'Artist of the Year.') Her second latest release, 'Emotions', has just hit one million views across all platforms. Wow! Catch Astrid_S as joins Years & Years' UK stadium tour this winter.

Listen here.

'That New Funkadelic' - Ice Cube

Subject Matter: "Ice Cube got that new funkadelic, that new funkadelic, better run go tell it." Well, Ice Cube, that's exactly we're doing.

Feels: SO. Funky. Why don't we make music like this anymore? 

Appropriate Setting: You may feel tired now but, trust, life is way too short to go to bed at 8 PM on a Friday night. Go home, take a power nap, shower, blast 'That New Funkadelic' and you'll be good to go! As we tell you every week: you deserve to let loose, friends!

Listen here.

'Roses' - benny blanco, Juice WRLD ft. Brendon Urie

Subject Matter: This playfully devastating song has turned one of our favorite childhood songs into a  relatable adult-age plea: "Roses are red, violets are blue, my heart is dead, I'm such a fool. Why did I fall for you?"


Feels: Don't be fooled by what sounds like a country song intro. 'Roses' sounds like it's joining the growing legion of tunes that make up a newly emerged hip hop subgenre knows as cloud rap. That's what the youth call it, right?


Appropriate Setting: If you're one of those people who go to the gym during their lunch breaks - first of all, kudos - and, second of all, 'Roses' might be the perfect tune to get your heart pumping a little bit faster.


Okay, tell me more: 'Roses' is just the latest in a series of exciting collaborative releases for blanco this past year, including 'I Found You' (with Calvin Harris) and 'Eastside' (with Halsey and Khalid). This producer and songwriter has already received many a recognition for his work but 2018 marks the year that benny blanco (A.K.A. Benjamin Joseph Levin) released his first album: FRIENDS KEEP SECRETS. Congrats!


Listen here.

'Gravity' - Tim McGraw

Subject Matter: "Gravity" is about taking a step back and looking at how far you've come. Forget what Newton said: when you set your mind to something, not even gravity can hold you down.

Feels: Considering that this song is featured in National Geographic's latest critically-acclaimed film Free Solo (a documentary about Alex Honnold's free solo climb of El Capitan), it's no wonder that "Gravity" brings All. The. Feels.

Appropriate Setting: Coincidentally, this song would actually be perfect for that moment in a plane ride - you know the one - when you look out the window and pretend you're in a super dramatic music video.

Okay, tell me more: This Grammy Award-winning country star is set to make his first-ever visit to Cuba in May 2019. Why you may ask? Because Cuba is a beautiful country, first of all, but also because Tim McGraw will be taking part in a landmark cultural exchange between the United States and Cuba. Tim McGraw: One Of Those Havana Nights (May 23-27, 2019) will also feature some of Cuba's most beloved artists. Awesome!


Listen here.

'If You Want To' - beabadobee

Subject Matter: In Bea's words, "I wrote Patched Up [beabadobee's latest album] during a time where I had so many feelings I couldn't get my brain to organize." This song's about being in that state of mind and, oh boy, can we relate.

Feels: This Londoner's sound is honest - a commodity that some might say is somewhat rare in the industry today. While 'If You Want To' is slightly less acoustic than the other songs on her newly dropped album, beabadoobee's earnest vocals/lyrics and killer lo-fi riffs are no less honest.

Appropriate Setting: Take courage, friends, the working day (and working week) is almost over! We try to make sure that every weekly roundup contains at least 1 or 2 tunes to which you can listen on your commute home. This is 100% one of them.


Listen to 'If You Want To' and beabadoobee's full album here.

'Papaya' - Saba, daedae (A.K.A. 2/6 PIVOT Gang)

Subject Matter: Why "papaya," you might ask? First of all (disclaimer: unpopular opinion) papaya is a delicious fruit and, second of all, papaya is the perfect fruit to share with your love interest, according to Saba and daedae.

Feels: 'Papaya' boasts smooth vocals, smooth beats, smooth lyrics...basically, Saba and daedae are all about the smooth sailing and we're loving it.

Appropriate Setting: Still have space on your 'my commute home' playlist for one more song? No? Well, make some space. Trust us.


Listen here.

'Cemetery' - COIN

Subject Matter: To all those who are celebrating this new week with an all-night grind in the office or school library, COIN's message is for you: nobody'll care if you're the richest (wo)man in the cemetery.


Feels: 'Cemetery' has all the ingredients for that sweet soothing indie pop sound, from the catchy melody to the up-tempo beat that you can't help but tap your foot to - not to mention a set of lyrics that give a surprisingly insightful social critique.


Appropriate Setting: Plug in those earphones and work away, minions! COIN is here to keep you company all night.


Okay, tell me more: Is 'Cemetery' already playing on loop? Well, fear not, COIN is set to have a super active year ahead with their third studio album coming out as well as a major show at the Wiltern in March, 2019. Until then, 'Simple Romance' is a must-listen (boasting 700K streams on Spotify alone)...which isn't so surprising, really, considering that the band has received the backing from none other than the kinds of indie pop themselves: Foster the People.


Listen here.

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