Exclusive: BOBI ANDONOV Shares New Song, "Faithful"

Watch the premiere of the Aussie artist's sensual music video for "Faithful."
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The young alt-pop singer is one music newcomer to look out for this year. BOBI ANDONOV returns with a powerful new track, "Faithful," following his previous two singles, "Apartment" and "Smoke." The rising artist also shares an electrifying, trippy music video, as he bathes in reflections of blue, purple, and pink light. 

The 23-year-old is definitely not your buttoned-up pop artist. His musical approach comes from a childhood listening to Prince, George Michael, and Terence Trent D'Arby — as he channels their sexual charisma. “Musically, they were all so fucking sexy. None of these guys were scared to play with masculinity," said BOBI. 

Talking about the process of creating "Faithful," he said, "I wanted to capture the internal struggle between being in love and losing out to lust. With the video, we wanted to keep it simple and create something that would complement the song instead of doing something overly complicated that would draw you away from the meaning."

I think we just found a new dark and sexy anthem for the summer. 


Watch BOBI ANDONOV's "Faithful" music video directed by Ellis Bahl, below: 


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