Exclusive: Chaos Chaos Release Their Debut Album

The duo’s self-titled album blends vibrant beats with pensive lyrics.
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Synthpop sister duo Chaos Chaos’s debut album premieres today in an exclusive release with L’Officiel USA. The Seattle-born, LA-based Asy and Chloe Saavedra began releasing music at 15 as the band Smoosh, touring with Bloc Party, Sleater-Kinney, Cat Power and Death Cab for Cutie. In 2012, the Saavedra sisters formed Chaos Chaos and are now in the middle of their own 20-city U.S. tour. Their 10-track eponymous album features the duo’s single “Pink Politics,” an upbeat look into feelings of detachment and confusion following the 2016 presidential election. 

Chaos Chaos rings with reverberations of musicians like Lorde, tapping into this generation’s appetite for spirited synthpop, vibrant beats, and pensive lyrics. The album opener, “Figure It Out,” demonstrates, in miniature, the mood of the album: confident, carefree, and contemplative. Even in the album’s softer moments there lies a sense of strength and resilience, ultimately creating a serene soundscape that unfolds in vivid, electric hues.

"I love disturbing, slightly melancholic scenes,” said Asy. “I like where that meets the world of peace and normalcy. A tinge of strangeness hangs in certain scenes of the world and music opens up that door."

Songs like “Dripping With Fire” capture that fusion between the real and the fantastic. Inspired by artists like Björk and PJ Harvey, the pop duo see music as both a means of expression and of dialogue.

"There’s something about anonymity that is powerful and I think releasing music taps into this. This anonymous exchange with strangers allows you into their deepest emotions and allows them into yours. It brings you face to face with something inherent that connects us," Chloe said.

That connection is tangible throughout, in earnest ballads and ready-to-dance tracks, and contributes to much of Chaos Chaos’ impact and allure.

Listen to Chaos Chaos, below:

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