Watch the Exclusive Video Premiere for Sasha Sloan's "Ready Yet"

The LA-based singer/songwriter's latest track is about a boy — just not a boyfriend.
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If you're a fan of Camila Cabello and Charli XCX, you're probably a fan of Sasha Sloan, the songwriter hiding behind some of their hit tracks.

Now, Sloan is ready to step out of the writer's room and onto the stage, starting with her recently released EP Sad Girl, a reflection of her personal branding (her social media handle is @SadGirlSloan), and an homage to the common themes that she addresses across her giant body of work: love, heartbreak, and angst.

In “Ready Yet,” the singer pens powerful words about the complexity of relationships, and how forgiving and forgetting is not always an option — no matter how much we will it to be. In her new video for the single, dropping today and premiering here for the first time ever, the Los Angeles native reveals a depth of character, emotional frankness, and sheer talent that makes her one of today’s most exciting artists.

“This video is really important to me because it shows what the song is actually about,” says Sloan. “I think a lot of people assumed [that] 'Ready Yet' is about an ex-boyfriend, but I wrote it about the relationship I have with my father.”

It's clear to listeners that the song and video come from a place close to Sloan’s heart and, depicting the often invisible struggle permeating familial relationships. Plus, the subtle, head-bopping beats, combined with her simple, angelic voice creates a style that stands out

"I hope someone who’s already heard the song can listen to it in a new way,” she says.

Watch the exclusive premiere of "Ready Yet" above. 

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