Grimes Teases Us With Clips of Two New Songs

One is a "cheesy love song" she doesn't like and the other is a "cyberpunk interpretation of the Bajirao Mastani movie."
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Grimes is really into surprises these days; first, it was her new relationship with Elon Musk, made public through a not-so-subtle date night at the Met Gala, and now it's two brand new tracks that she teased with short clips on Twitter.

The first song is a “cheesy love song” that she doesn’t like “but everyone else likes,” and the second is a “cyberpunk interpretation of the Bajirao Mastani movie.” A description that is very…Grimes.



The Canadian musician reportedly has two albums coming out by the end of the year, and the short clips show her iTunes playlist titled “! 13 decent tracks,” one of which is called “Favorite Psycho.” A reference to her new beau, perhaps? 



Keep the surprises coming girl, we're here for it. 

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