Harry Styles's New "Kiwi" Video Is Sure to Brighten Your Day

Adorable children, puppies, and pastries—what more could you want?

Few fan bases are as ravenous as that of Harry Styles, with throngs of screaming teenage girls (and boys) willing to follow the former One Directioner wherever he goes. As if they needed another reason to fawn after Styles, the rock star just released a music video for "Kiwi," off of his debut solo album, that stars a cafeteria of impeccably dressed children throwing delicious-looking pastries at one another in what may be the most fashionable food fight of all time. (Lead among them is Beau Gadsdon of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, who lends some tongue-in-cheek drama to the story.) 

The cherry on top? Styles himself makes a grand entrance at the end, carrying with him not one, not two, but an army of adorable puppies, who immediately join the fray. When Styles screams at the top of his lungs, you can almost hear the frenzy of fans screaming with him around the globe.

Watch the video for "Kiwi" below.

Harry Styles - Kiwi



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