Tête-à-Tête: Pop Prodigy Jamie Hannah

The "House of Truth" singer shares his thoughts on maintaining authenticity and taking time for himself as he rises to fame.
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In Tête-à-Tête, L'Officiel USA gets into the celebrity psyche by asking stars to tell us what's on their minds right now. 

22-year-old singer-songwriter Jamie Hannah has been hard at work producing new songs with none other than '80s pop legend Boy George. His most recent release, "House of Truth," has been getting attention for featuring the duo together and showcasing Hannah’s impressive vocal range. The up-and-coming pop vocalist has an expansive, four-octave range that he has honed to perfection through years of vocal training, including studying opera at the Royal College of Music. Hannah’s soaring falsetto is truly unforgettable, and his collaboration with Boy George makes his latest single that much more special. Along with the original version, the duo has released an angelic acoustic version that highlights the harmonious compatibility of their two voices. Learning from his iconic mentor, Hannah is exploring new sounds and refining his vocals with new music and an EP on the way. 

With growing popularity comes the increasing pressure of fame, something that Hannah is currently facing as he begins to garner a larger reputation in the music world. Authenticity is paramount to his character, and he wants to prioritize staying true to himself as he embarks on this whirlwind journey. L'Officiel USA had the chance to speak with the rising pop star about his journey as a growing artist and how he manages to hold true as he steps into the limelight. Read what he had to share below.

At the start of my singing journey, I might have called myself a little bit of an introvert, and when going into session and performing on stages, that can be perceived incorrectly. It's only been in the past couple of years that I've really gotten to control the power of manifesting and visualizing certain things before the event occurs, even if it's just like when I'm in the car and I'm visualizing getting a parking space. If the thought process behind focusing and visualizing is there and you have a clear mind, you'll get positive results. 

The power of being authentic and being true to yourself is linked with manifesting because if you've got faith in yourself, you can visualize what you'll be doing in six months' time or in a year's time. It gives you the ability to see how you have been able to transition into something and develop over a period of time. 

I love social media because it's a way of being able to connect with your fans and show them your authentic side. For example, on my Instagram story earlier, I accidentally slipped up on a few words but I still posted it regardless. Social media can work in both positive and negative ways. If you're going to Facetune the hell out of your photos then it might not be the best for you. If you're going to promote a positive message and post when you think it's appropriate instead of conforming to certain algorithms, then your fans will follow you and your music will prevail. If you do it in an organic, natural way, that's a healthy way to do it. 

During this process of manifesting and exploring my authentic self, though, social media is definitely something that I find myself needing to step back from. Meditation. Yoga. Hot yoga, in particular, is divine. It's just a way of stepping back for a second. Throughout my journey, my sister has also been a very big part of my growth. She's become a transformational coach, and she has very much been aiding my journey with the art of crystal healing. We're inseparable. We support each other. It’s remarkable.

With the new music that I'm creating now, what I'm going to be releasing in my E.P. towards the end of this year, the narrative that I structured into the songs is very much also a reflection of my journey, sifting through any kind of emotional strain so that I can see things more purely. It's about creating a dialogue and being able to communicate, and I would love to advocate that and be able to reassure my fans, regardless of what career they have, that they can take a step back and they can participate in practices like yoga and meditation. It allows you to connect with yourself and it’s important to give yourself that time. 


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