On the Road with JP Saxe

The R&B leaning, lyric obsessed wonder fills us in on his recent travels as opening act for Harry Hudson.
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Photography by Matthew Takes

LA-based, Toronto-bred musician JP Saxe knows a thing or two about singing (and songwriting) from the heart. Fun fact: his grandfather is Janos Starker, one of (if not the) greatest cellists of the 20th century. With a heritage like that, it's no wonder why Saxe constantly explores different ways of creating beauty through music—his debut  single "Changed" is proof of that.  A lot has happened since then—"Anybody Else," "The Few Things"—among them just having wrapped a huge tour, opening for fellow music man Harry Hudson for his 2018 Can Cowboys Cry tour.

Speaking of a tour, Saxe took some time during his travels to bless us with some snaps while on the road. What's more, he narrates it.  Ladies and gentlemen: JP Saxe's tour diary,  ahead.


Sometimes you’re microwaving frozen lasagna in a hotel room sometimes you’re places you’ve never been with a room full of people singing your songs.. tour is the dream. #bothcanbetrue

‘yooo wanna hear a song about my feelings or my other feelings?’ 

iHeart radio was very welcoming. I played for your office now play me on the radio, that’s how I’m deciding this works. 

bein in your hometown means hometown breakfasts with hometown friends like Scotty here.   

signing some ‘JP Sox’ at the merch table after the show. 

had to cut some songs from the set soooo a crew came back to the hotel room afterwards to hear them. 

look sometimes you got nothin fancy to work with so you look your flyest in the van photoshoot. 

these two sweethearts got engaged at the Toronto show during ‘The Few Things’ and it was the most magical.

committed to making shaky ‘i love you’ hands a thing 🤟🤟

7 more hours of cornfields in Nebraska!! 

the part of the set where I say ‘you like to tell me I've changed like anybody really stays the same’ and realize I still really mean it. 

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