Lana Del Rey Joins Fans at a Karaoke Bar

From going on stage at a karaoke bar to hanging out with Marina Diamandis and Jack Antonoff — the singer-songwriter's weekend was a packed one.
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Amidst her LA to the Moon Tour, Lana Del Rey still makes time to hang out at karaoke bars, especially when her fans are singing her song. Over the weekend, Del Rey got excited when two girls were up on stage covering the song "Cherry" from her latest album Lust For Life. So excited that she had to hop on the stage and cover her own song (complete with the choreography) with her two fans. Now we know how to meet and possibly be on stage with her. Watch the video and learn her choreography for "Cherry" below: 

Lana Del Rey Karaoke With Fans

During the weekend Del Rey also took some time to hang out with Marina Diamandis of Marina and the Diamonds and Jack Antonoff. Diamandis posted a picture of the three on Instagram, followed by another of just Del Rey and her captioned "Sis." Not to mention the "Primadonna" singer interviewed Del Rey for our first issue. Do we hear a possible collaboration coming? Because this could be gold. 


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