Wilder Woods Isn't Afraid to Hide

We premiere the soulful artist's new visualizer for "Someday Soon," a coming of age song that will leave you wanting more.
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Wilder Woods cover, courtesy of Atlantic Records

In an age where everyone is looking for instant fame and instant recognition, Wilder Woods is joining the likes of Sia and leikeli47 as artist putting their art before their image. In an exclusive premiere for L'Officiel USA, he debuts his visualizer for “Someday Soon” 

Sent to L’Officiel as a project from a yet to be announced Grammy-nominated artist, "Someday Soon" is a “coming of age song” according to Woods about the things he wished to tell his younger self. The video is simple but stunningly effective.  “Don’t think the battles over because you’ve said Amen," lip syncs the two girls in the black and white video one in an open field and the other in a barn. The song is rooted in hope in a time when faith seems scarce and we are projecting instead of communicating. 



“Someday soon this worries won’t harm,” is a lyric we are all thriving to relate to in this political climate. The impending album is centered around the exploration of patience forgiveness and self-love. At a time where we as a culture are fragmented and distant, a basic understanding of one another has become lost. Wilder Woods describes his debut as  “a collection of tunes that are as introspective as they are carefree, and as weathered as they are hopeful.”

While the future is still unknown regarding whether or not Woods will show his face, the powerhouse vocals indicate he will be here to stay.

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