Maverick Sabre Drops Music Video for "Slow Down" ft. Jorja Smith

Prepare yourselves for your next favorite slow jam.
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There’s nothing we love more at L’Officiel USA than a goosebump-provoking track that provides hope for a generation of music that more often than not relies a little too heavily on autotune. So, when Maverick Sabre dropped his music video for “Slow Down,” featuring Jorja Smith, on Tuesday, we stopped everything and watched with keen eyes and ears.

Sabre and Smith are a match made in vocalist heaven. “Slow Down,” the third single on Sabre’s upcoming album, is indeed what the title suggests—a slow R&B number with soulful undertones that serves as a call to past lovers to return and rekindle old flames.

The video follows the two in a taxi, with Sabre playing the driver and Smith as the passenger, on a dark, rainy night in East London. Glances are exchanged in the rearview mirror, leaving us wondering--what's the deal between these two? 

Rashid Babiker, the video’s director, has previously worked with Smith on her “Teenage Fantasy” and “On Your Own” videos. As for Sabre and Smith, the unlikely duo are no strangers to collaborating, especially after Sabre was one of the first artists to recognize Smith in her early days. Since then, Sabre was featured on Smith’s second single, “Prince,” back in 2016, and just last year, Smith included Sabre on his track titled “Follow The Leader.”

Sabre’s album, When I Wake Up, drops March 22. Their next collaboration is much anticipated, but in the meantime, you can check out the “Slow Down” music video below.


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