Missy Elliott Will Literally Snatch Your Wig in Her Latest Music Video

The superstar rapper pays homage to her 22 years (and counting) of music videos in her latest reel for "Throw It Back."
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An iconic NYC pop-up museum, an MTV Video Vanguard Award, a fresh mixtape, and a music video? What a week for Missy Misdemeanor Elliott! The Supa Dupa Fly superstar clearly has no plans of slowing down, and we are absolutely here for it. Last night, Missy released her new EP Iconology and a hot new music video for “Throw It Back” that satisfies all of our kaleidoscope cravings, proving her ability to slay is as strong as ever.

The video opens in a bright white hallway, and after an acquaintance calls her a freak and pushes her into a mysterious door, a young girl finds herself in “The Hall of Missy.” Teyana Taylor stands before her, welcoming her to the room featuring paintings of the “Lose Control” rapper that mimic the styles of famous artists. She finds it shocking when the discombobulated girl has never heard of Elliott. “You don’t know who Missy is,” she says in disbelief. “Missy Misdemeanor? Missy Elliott, the innovator of all innovators? The avant-garde? The game-changing sensation?” From there, the music video moves into several new scenes honoring the success of Elliott’s career with fiery choreography, flossy outfits, diamond-encrusted teeth, and a game of double-dutch with Missy’s braids. It's an epic celebration by and for the 2019 VMA honoree, proving true the song's confident lyric: "Don't look for another Missy 'cause there'll be no 'nother one."

“So many VMAs that I could live on the moon,” Elliott raps as she dances in a spacesuit on the moon and celebrates her upcoming acceptance of the legendary VMA Vanguard Award. Each scene is a picturesque masterpiece that reminds us of all the showstopping videos the rapper has released since the debut of her “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)” video in 1997. As Missy switches from one iconic look to the next, spitting fire as she goes, the wigs of her back-up dancers literally fly off to accompany the lyrics, “I'ma snatch they wigs 'til I see that scalp." Jam-packed with a multitude of memorable Missy moments, the music video is so addictive. Give it a watch (or two, or ten) below.

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