Miynt Dropped Her New Single "Peaches"

The deliciously hazy track is a relatable anthem about searching for answers we may never get.
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Swedish artist Miynt just released her newest single “Peaches,” giving us another taste of her upcoming EP. The deliciously hazy track, which she wrote and co-produced, blends elements of lo-fi psych rock and indie-electric vibes over a trippy guitar and strong drumbeat. "The initial idea was to make a song that basically was just drum-fills throughout the whole song,” Miynt said, “but then the guitar sneaked itself into the song.” On the track, we hear Miynt wandering through a confused, spaced-out state of mind as she searches for answers that she may never get.

“Peaches” is the second track off Miynt’s forthcoming sophomore EP, much of which will be self-produced. The first single, entitled “Vacation with Bond in the south of France part 2,” was released earlier this year. The accompanying music video for “Peaches,” a collage of videos and still photos that was also edited by Miynt, keeps with the retro vibe of her last video for “Vacation” and features scenes from an office from the 1970s. Think thick glasses and even thicker mustaches.

Miynt first made waves in the music blogosphere back in 2015 with her cover of Britney Spears’ single "Baby One More Time," which put a distinctly edgier and gloomier twist on the seminal pop hit. The track was featured on Solange’s Saint Heron music blog. Miynt followed that success with the release of her debut EP entitled Ep No. 1 in 2016. Since her debut EP, the artist has stayed busy in the Stockholm art scene, playing various live shows while also assembling a four-piece band with whom she now plays.

Listen to Miynt’s newest track “Peaches” below and keep an eye out for the rest of her EP slated for release later this summer.

Peaches - Miynt



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