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Welcome back to edition five of L'Officiel USA's weekly sift through music's newest releases. Ahead, you'll find the perfect tune for every occasion.
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'Between You & Me' - Betty Who

Subject Matter: Seasoned singer-songwriter Betty Who feels like 'Between You & Me' is reminiscent of her early days at around 15 years old, when writing wasn't about professing one's love but rather giving an outer voice to one's inner monologue to try and make sense of it all.


Feels: This Aussie singer's raspy but powerful voice has a Pink-meets-Natasha Bedingfield feel. Combined with her catchy and unique songwriter skills, Betty Who's tunes make for some very pleasant listening.


Appropriate Setting: Is your Uber or bus at a stand-still? Is the line to the subway obnoxious? Shrug your shoulders, wrap up well, put on your headphones and walk home. This song'll keep you company on this Friday night.


Okay, tell me more: Catch Betty Who fulfill her (and our) dream of opening for Panic! at the Disco and being hand-picked by Kesha to be featured on her Weird & Wonderful Rainbow Ride Cruise lineup in 2019. This upcoming year also marks an extra special one for the artist whose third forthcoming album, Betty, is her very first independent one. Mark your calendars for its release on February 15, 2019.


Listen here.

'Girl's Best Friend - 2 Chainz ft. Ty Dolla $ign

Subject Matter: Haven't you heard? Diamonds are a girl's best friend - that is, according to Marilyn Monroe and 2 Chainz.


Feels: This subtle but catchy melody will no doubt be stuck in your head and have you singing along after the very first listening sesh.


Appropriate Setting: So, it turns out you have to host pre drinks this weekend because that was the only way you could get your friends to agree to go out. Add 'Girl's Best Friend' to your playlist and we promise you won't regret it.


Listen here.

'Please Don't Please' - Helado Negro

Subject Matter: In Roberto Carlos Lange (A.K.A Helado Negro)'s words, "let me be" because "please don't please." Need we say more?


Feels: This Brooklynite is our absolute go-to for refreshingly unique but undeniably timeless tunes. 'Please Don't Please' is no different.


Appropriate Setting: It's Sunday morning, you're twisted in your duvet, no alarm, sun (hopefully) streaming through the blinds and, more importantly, Absolutely. Nowhere. To. Be. Don't even move - just tell Alexa to play 'Please Don't Please.'


Listen here.

'Twerk' - City Girls ft. Cardi B

Subject Matter: Yes, this song's title is somewhat self-explanatory but we love it when women are ze ones celebrating this - let's face it - iconic dance move.


Feels: Childhood friends Yung Miami and JT make up this irreverent rap duo and, since their inauguration into the rap scene, have been kicking butt and taking names with their unique and strong sound.


Appropriate Setting: Decided to go out super last-minute and need a quick hype fix? Blast 'Twerk.'


Listen here.

'Solo' - Jennie

Subject Matter: This song's about that glorious moment when you decide "I'm shining solo."


Feels: Don't let the somewhat cutesy (but catchy) intro fool you, Jennie proves to be a force to be reckoned with as soon as the first bridge hits.


Appropriate Setting: This is a good work out songAnd shower song. In fact, just keep 'Solo' playing throughout your Friday night. 


Okay, tell me more: You might know Jennie Kim as a member of K-Pop group Black Pink but, based on the resounding success of 'Solo,' the young artist seems to have started her own career with a bang.


Listen here.

'Messy' - serpentwithfeet

Subject Matter: In this new, stripped-down acoustic version of 'Messy,' serpentwithfeet is both playful, loving yet genuinely probing as he wonders how his partner insists on sticking around despite his alleged faults.


Feels: serpentwithfeet has pierced the music industry with his genre-defying music, lyrics and fashion. 'Messy,' like every song before it, puts its listeners into a specific mood. This one's like being in a dream - not happy, not sad, just a dream.


Appropriate Setting: Making your way home for thanksgiving? 'Messy' is perfect for your travel playlist. After all, you might need a relaxing moment to brace yourself for the festivities ahead.


Listen here.

'Joyride' - RUSSO

RUSSO - Joyride

Okay, tell me why this is on here: We know, we know. While Joyride has been out for a while now, RUSSO just unveiled a spanking new music video for it and, boy (or shall we say greasy muscle men), is it a must-see. Presenting us with the glam-erotica-cowboy video of our dreams, Cailin Russo has proven once again that she doesn't belong in any genre - certainly not punk, which she wants you to stop calling her. To top it all off, Joyride is a damn good song too!


Check out the music video, above.

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