On the Road with The Naked and Famous

Get an intimate look at the New Zealand-born band in their exclusive tour diary for L'Officiel USA, as told by Alisa Xayalith and Thomas Powers. Photography by Shervin Lainez.
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Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, The Naked and Famous is an indie electronic dynamic trio with three studio albums under their belt; Passive Me, Aggressive You (2010), In Rolling Waves (2013) and Simple Forms (2016). You may already know their hits "Hearts Like Ours," and "Young Blood," two dreamy synth-pop tunes that have carried many a traveler on their summer road trips. 

Now based out of Los Angeles, the band gave us a glimpse of the east coast leg of their latest tour titled "A Still Heart Stripped." “Later this month, the current lineup which now consists of Alisa Xayalith, Thom Powers, David Beadle and Luna Shadows will be hitting the UK, Switzerland, and Austria

Check out the exclusive photo series by Shervin Lainez in which the band sets up for their gig, searches desperately for food, and battles on the road injuries (Icy Hot patches, anyone?)

Setting up

THOMAS: Usually TNAF tour with two stage-techs, whose job it is to set up the stage while we leisurely fluff about on our phones, ignoring the inevitable call for “sound check!”, despite the explicit day-sheets posted in several clearly visible places backstage

And more setting up

THOMAS: This tour is a little more hands-on. 

Equipment overload

THOMAS: Despite it being a stripped-back show, we have three MIDI controllers, 5 guitars and an entire lighting package that packs down into a suitcase — Alisa’s idea.

THOMAS: Alisa and I have been working on The Naked And Famous for ten years.

Or a decade of hostility, depends on the day


Sleep is a luxury

ALISA: A neatly stacked pile of cases makes for good sitting and sometimes sleeping. All touring musicians know what I’m talking about.

Avoid getting hangry at all costs

ALISA: Sometimes you just got to put your arm around your mate and get excited about the food you’re about to eat.

Too late

ALISA: Here’s Thom trying not to get us lost in the city. I can’t decide who is worse at navigating, him or me?

Not all those who wander are lost. This band, however...


ALISA: Luna Shadows, searching for palm trees.

Straight Outta LA

The Naked And Famous, A Still Heart — Stripped Tour 2018: David Beadle, Alisa Xayalith, Thomas Powers & Luna Shadows.

The pianist

THOMAS: Luna Shadows helped me co-produce a few of the song from “A Still Heart”. As a pianist, she was vital to the project.

To live is to suffer

ALISA: Planes are not great for lower-backs.

But at least there's always coffee

ALISA: “Why am I looking for lunch in the wrong place?” — The Chain Gang Of 1974. 

Catch The Naked and Famous on their A Still Heart Stripped tour.

Tickets available here

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