Prince Fox Talks About His Latest Song, "Time Alone"

The songwriter/producer met The Grisworlds for the first time in his dorm at NYU. Fast-forward to today, he taps the indie rock band for "Time Alone."
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Sam Lassner (known as Prince Fox) doesn't fit into the regular electronic DJ stereotype. With his music, he brings together different types of genres into a sound he calls future pop. Last year, he teamed up with actress Bella Thorne for "Just Call," which resurfaced Thorne in the music world again as she revealed her edgy persona. The 25-year-old producer, singer, and songwriter also worked alongside Hailee Steinfeld, and more recently, Quinn XCII for "Space." 

Though his genre sits within the realm of electronic music, Fox isn't afraid of steering away from that once in a while. In March, he reimagined the classic 2001 punk-rock song, "The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World, into a chilled and almost unplugged cover

The inner rocker in him is even apparent in his latest track, "Time Alone." Fox tapped Aussie indie rock band, The Grisworlds, and integrated dance pop, emo, and synth rock at the same time. Listen to it, here: 


Prince Fox talked to L'Officiel USA about meeting The Grisworlds for the first time, his cover of "The Middle," and the impending release of his very personal debut album. 


What’s your relationship with music and how did you grow into electronic music?  

I've always listened to music growing up and played the guitar, but my love for electronic music started when I was trying to just learn how to make music on my computer. It became an obsession to create sounds and songs with just my laptop, and then when I started the PF [Prince Fox] project, I merged the two parts of my life together — playing guitar and songwriting, and beatmaking with my computer. 


How did the collaboration with The Grisworlds come about? 

I met Chris and the band five years ago in my dorm at NYU. Fast-forward to this year, we were re-connected by Lorne at Dim Mak, became good buddies, and made the record! 


What was the process like creating a future pop sound with an indie rock band? 

Honestly, lots of fun! Chris and I worked mostly in person and he’s great. It was a really smooth transition.


Is “Time Alone” dedicated to a personal experience? 

Not one specific experience, but I think that most people for sure go through times in their life where they just need to discover who they are and take some "time alone."


Your cover of Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle” has a different sound from your other songs. Why did you decide to make this cover? 

I wanted to kind of shake things up a bit. I wrote, sang, and produced my entire album, and I wanted to put out a cover as a transition into more things using my voice. It just so happens that I love that Jimmy Eat World song, and thought it would be a fun cover to do. 


Can you tell us a little bit about what your debut album is going to sound like? 

Sonically and lyrically my album is very much me. Where I’ve been and where I want to go. 

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