Rainsford's New Music Video Is Pink Pastel Perfection

The clip's color palette brilliantly captures the emotion behind its song, "Passionate."
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The catchy electro-pop tune "Passionate" by Rainsford now has an equally visually mesmerizing music video to accompany. The LA songbird wowed us with her tune and invites us to take our imaginations to the next level with a steamy dreamy fantasy.

Calling upon a colorful 80s vibe while maintaining Rainsford’s modern flair, ‘Passionate' is unabridged and subtly provocative. The music video is a softly-lit, silk-filled, lace-ridden masterpiece that portrays all the beauty of self-love and of course, passion. Featuring dreamy rhythmic lyrics and deep vibrating color, the audio is brought to life in a visual story that explores the wonders of an intimate fantasy land. 

"Falling to my knees for you on your red carpet; feeling passionate.” “I’m eating your tears, swallow my pride.” By the time the chorus hits, the audience has no choice but to be captivated by its ethereal, head-spinning allure. 

Rainsford- Passionate


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