Robyn: "On This New Album"

The dance music icon is finally releasing a new record.
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Earlier this year, Robyn hinted on Twitter that new music was coming, but last night, at a talk with Red Bull Music Festival and Kindness, the dance music icon finally said what every audience member was waiting for: "on this new album." Yes, an album — not a mixtape or remixes — is finally on the way. There's a small caveat though: "it's not finished yet." That's fine, Robyn, take your time. As long as it's out this year as promised.

Audience members were also treated to the full demo of "Honey," which made its world premiere on HBO's Girls. That wouldn't be the first Robyn track played on the show; an earlier season had a memorable "Dancing On My Own" moment. Coaxed by her friend, and moderator, Kindness, the singer shared the first demo of the supremely popular track for the audience, which was shocked to hear mostly gibberish. Apparently, the melodies often come long before the lyrics. One final aural treat came with the playing of the original demo of "Be Mine." Instead of bass and strings, the track was set to a thumping rock guitar. 

Though she didn't share the name of the forthcoming album, Robyn did say it was inspired by Prince, Michael Jackson, and Ibiza, which means fans are sure to get all they want and more. 


Watch the full talk below:

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