See Lykke Li as a Young Girl in New Video for Utopia

"Utopia is all my mother ever wanted for me."

Today, Swedish singer Lykke Li releases a touching music video for her track “utopia” off her forthcoming album, so sad so sexy. The visual sees chopped up home video footage of a young Li playing, swimming, and dancing with her parents in fantastical locations she grew up in: Portugal, Morocco, Nepal, and India. 

Spliced in between these grainy shots are more modern recordings of the singer with her young son, Dion. The resemblance is, naturally, uncanny. “MOTHER TO MOTHER TO MOTHER. Utopia is all my mother ever wanted for me and all I ever want for him,” she says of the visual. With the juxtaposition of clips from both past and present, a touching full-circle moment is created. 

Watch it in full below:


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