On the Road with Swimsuit Issue

The L.A. band chronicled behind-the-scenes shenanigans in an exclusive tour diary for L'Officiel USA. Photography by Alex Lee and Clarke Tolton
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Swimsuit Issue is keeping the spirit of Rock'n Roll alive with a sound self-described as "somewhere between hot running water and cold running water." During the month of May, the seven-person mötley crüe embarked on an expansive West Coast tour with the lovely Cat Pierce, no less, performing at iconic venues like San Francisco's Rickshaw Stop among many others. Along the way, the band put together a tour diary with photos shot by Clarke Tolton exclusively for L'Officiel USA. Take in all their on-the-road hijinks, below. 


Ah, rehearsal. Get together and re-learn how to play the same things you’ve been playing for years, only to play them again and again nightly for weeks. Over-exposure can make photos of anything seem interesting.

Hi, Miles

Then you load up the van, or if you’re the singer you watch everyone else load up the van.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Frank and Miles playing the same guitar outside of Turn, Turn, Turn! in Portland. There was no green room here so everyone had to just hang out on the sidewalk.

On the road again

12-hour drive? No problem. Designated Dave at your service. Known for his uncanny ability to complete unthinkable drives and bore everyone to death with history podcasts.

Shake It Out

Every band should have an extra member who lacks any easily definable role. This is Alex. He lacks any easily definable role.

Creative chaos

What a mess.

What a crowd

Not every show is good. Actually statistically speaking most shows that happen in the world are bad. Sometimes the worst shows can be the best shows, bro.

Always read the label

Frank after he accidentally ate three weed gummies. “Was there weed in those gummies?” —Frank.

Learn how to budget

Click, click, snap

Clarke Tolton took the photos on this tour - but this photograph of Clarke Tolton getting ready to take photos on this tour was taken by Alex Lee, who also took photos on this tour.

Say cheese

Alex held the camera really low and everyone stood in a circle and looked down at it. Then he took this picture. It was mostly to document the personnel of the traveling party in case anyone became lost.

Be sure to also check out Swimsuit Issue's latest single "EP3" out now

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