This Week's Most Exciting Musical Releases

Welcome back to L'Officiel USA's weekly sift through music's newest releases to find the perfect tunes for every occasion.
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'Golden Child' - Say Lou Lou

Subject Matter: This is a call to action for all the kids out there: be free! "Let your horses run wild" while you still can.


Feels: It's hard to describe Say Lou Lou's unique genre-mixing style. If we had to choose one word? Magical. And catchy. 


Appropriate Setting: Road trip anyone? This song's perfect for blasting out of rolled-down car windows à la Americana.


Okay, tell me more: 'Golden Child' is part of Say Lou Lou's newest album. Entitled Immortelle, the album also comes with a short film that represents all that is great about this Swedish-American duo. Check out the film here. In an exclusive interview with L'Officiel USA, Say Lou Lou elaborate on just why their newest album is so important to them.


Listen here.

'Ever Again' - Robyn

Subject Matter: This song's about making a vow to yourself to never ever let your heart be broken "ever again." Amen! 


Feels: These low-key yet up-tempo electro beats, combined with Robyn's dreamy pitch, have the ability to make any song stand out in a playlist.


Appropriate Setting: This is a shower song. Need we say more?


Listen here.

'Werewolf' - Quinn XCII featuring Yoshi Flower

Subject Matter: "I need to be careful. You're moonlight and I'm werewolf. And when you come throu-ou-ou-ough, everything gets torn up." Yes, ladies and gentleman, this is the halloween love song of our dreams. Need outfit inspo for the 31st? Check out the music video.


Feels: Known for his own brand of 'elevated' pop, Quinn XCII's bouncing beats and steady vocal rythms are interspersed with smooth melodies to keep this song both catchy and interesting. 


Appropriate Setting: We can assure you that you won't be able to stop your head from bopping nor your foot from tapping, so, best listen to 'Werewolf' outside of the quiet office. No one wants to be that annoying co-worker, right?


Listen here.

'Keep On Lovin' You' - KWAYE

Subject Matter: In this latest of KWAYE's sweet and smooth tunes, the Zimbabwean singer/songwriter sings about that terrible moment when you reach a fork in the road: "should I give up or should I just keep on loving you?"


Feels: KWAYE has conjured up an extremely satisfying mix of R&B, pop and indie. While 'Keep On Lovin' You' puts slightly more emphasis on the R&B, the singer's trademark falsetto is instantly recognizable.


Appropriate Setting: This is L'Officiel USA's third edition of 'This Week's Most Exciting' and, every week, we try to include at least one song that would be perfect for your Friday night walk home from school or work. Ladies and gentlemen (and everything in between), this is that song. 


Listen here.

'Killer Queen' - 5 Seconds of Summer

Subject Matter: This is an homage for any modern-day queen who is juggling it all. We see you and we applause you.


Feels: Pure drama, pure Queen...but with a yummy 5 Seconds of Summer twist! See photo above for reference.


Appropriate Setting: It's Friday! No freezing winds and crowded subway cars can dampen your spirits with this song coming through your earphones.


Okay, tell me more: 5SOS got candid with L'Officiel USA about the search for their own sound. Oh, and a "killer" photo shoot was involved too! Check it out here.


Listen here.

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