This Year's VS Fashion Show Performers are Harry Styles and Katy Perry

If fans are to be believed, we may see Harry Styles and Katy Perry take to the catwalk this year.
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Thanks to the intense nature of fandom, we might know who the Shanghai Victoria's Secret fashion show performers are ahead of schedule.

Although it's been hotly debated for months exactly who will perform at this year's Victoria's Secret fashion show, some fans of Harry Styles and Katy Perry think they have the definitive answers. The show, which films sometime in the next few weeks (or here's hoping, because apparently the Chinese government isn't allowing some media visas,) is notorious for keeping things under wraps until the last second. But although it's not been verified with his record label, fans of Styles have noticed that he's on a break from his current tour for the time being, and his next appearance is scheduled for November 23 in, of course, Shanghai.

Perry has already been reported by multiple media outlets as being scheduled, however, it also has not been confirmed. But she also has a suspicious break in tour dates through the 24th of this month. 

There are whispers that Miguel might join the two as well, but there's no real info on that yet. 

We'll just have to wait and see!



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