Troye Sivan Is a 3D Figure in New Song "Bloom"

Sivan's new single blooms just in time for summer.
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Our Issue 2 cover star a.k.a the new fresh prince of pop Troye Sivan released the latest song from his upcoming sophomore album. "Bloom" shows more playful, tongue-in-cheek side of Sivan, as he sings about losing one's virginity. "I guess it's something like a fun fair/Put gas into the motor/And boy I'll meet you right there/We'll ride the rollercoaster," sings the 22-year-old Aussie artist. He maintains the track is simply about flowers. 

Sivan also shared an animated lyric video where he's transformed into a 3D figure — the signature animation style by artist Jason Ebeyer. In the video, Sivan floats around in a warehouse-like setting, looking like something that came out of his dream. 

Listen to "Bloom" and watch the lyric video, below: 


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