Watch Weathers Get Down to Their Latest Single "The Night is Calling"

Frontman Cameron Boyer also talked to us about their new album, touring, and the road to self-acceptance.
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When Weathers first burst onto the scene with their single “Happy Pills” they had one rule for making an album: every song had to be dark. But after touring with Saint Motel in 2016, they returned to Los Angeles and realized they’d changed completely.

"We didn’t want any more guidelines. We felt like we could do more,” said frontman Cameron Boyer. "We wanted to let loose. We felt really cooped up in the past. This is us now, flesh and bone."

The band began writing new songs last January and immediately embraced a thematic change. Boyer tapped into a well of personal experience and discovered a newfound sense of empowerment and self-acceptance, reflected on tracks like “I’m Not Ok” and “Night is Calling.”


Weathers is a mix of the old school and new. The band formed when Boyer met guitarist Cameron Olsen at a Battle of the Bands in Manhattan Beach, and they connected with bassist Brennen Bates through Facebook and drummer Cole Carson through YouTube.

Now, as they release the first part of their new album Kids in the Night, Boyer talks tour, their latest video, and what’s in the future for the American rock band.


Weathers. What was the story behind the name? Was there a particular weather pattern in mind?
We had been through a lot of changes together, kind of like the weather.

What did your fans resonate with in "I Don't Wanna Know" and "Happy Pills"?
I think it was the theme of the older sound. “Happy Pills” was a metaphor for being addicted to something that you shouldn’t be. It doesn’t have to be an actual pill it could be a love or a habit. People related to having those kinds of addictions.

There’s a significant thematic change between the two singles you’ve released and your new music.
Once we were off the road, we changed as people. We wanted to restart, go back, and write some new stuff. We wanted to make sure we were putting the right foot forward, so with the new music we didn’t want any more guidelines. We felt like we could do more.

One of the big themes for this set of upcoming releases is a sense of empowerment. Where did you draw that inspiration from?
We wanted to let it all out and see where that takes us. The inspiration came from within us, as a group, and within me and my past experiences. It’s really genuine. And I think that’s a big reason why we hope people like it because it’s a very genuine album.

What’s running through your head as you look forward to your upcoming releases?
We’re hoping people like this new music because it’s coming from the heart. We took our time to write new music instead of releasing what we had before. We've been away for a while. A lot of these songs are extremely personal. This is who we are in the most real way possible. And we’re excited to get back out on the road and play some more shows and meet new fans.

You just played a show in New York. What can an audience expect out of a Weathers show?
A lot of weird dancing and high energy. It was a really fun show, we found a lot on stage. We’re loud and we love it when the crowd interacts with us.

The video released today is a live session of “Night is Calling”. What was going through your head as you performed it?
That song is about an ex-girlfriend that cheated on me, so performing that song is hard, but pretty awesome at the same time because it’s a very empowering song. It’s about moving on and starting new, post-relationship. I think a lot of people will be empowered by it. To me, it’s about an ex-girlfriend but to someone else, it could be as simple as a bad day at work, or something really serious. Hopefully, it makes them feel better and reminds them of when the night is calling to make it all better again.

Weathers will perform live at the Troubadour in Los Angeles on April 4. Tickets available here.

Part one of Kids in the Night is available now

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