Years & Years Are Back with 'Sanctify'

It's the first track off their upcoming album, and with it comes a cinematic (and dystopian) music video.
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We may only be in March, but 2018 has already been a huge year for queer representation in media. From the incredible cultural impact of Netflix's Queer Eye reboot to seeing the creators of Disney's Coco thank their same-sex spouses during their Oscars acceptance speeches, we can only expect the year to be full of even more amazing queer moments, which we're absolutely here for.

But 2018 is also shaping up to be a huge year for the queer community in music—case in point Years and Years' latest release "Sanctify" and its accompanying music video. It's a more serious sound compared to their more upbeat, pop-infused banger "Desire," inspired by frontman Olly Alexander's experience of hooking up with a straight man. 

Directed by Fred Rowson, the video takes place in a dystopian land called Palo Santo full of androids where humans have become a rare commodity. Alexander plays the narrative's valiant hero, taken into the city to entertain. And that he does. The 27-year-old gets into some intricate interpretative dancing while singing his heart out in front of a less-than-enthusiastic room of bots. We, however, enthusiastically loved it. 

Here's to queer people doing queer, amazing things. 

Watch "Sanctify" below.

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