Yoshi Flower Blooms with His Latest Release

The musician packs a punch of emotion in "Dirty Water."
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In Yoshi Flower’s latest single, “Dirty Water,” the artist explores the turbulent waters of a past tumultuous relationship.  The song title is in reference to the muddied waters of a relationship that has gone through dramatic ups and downs. Relatable to most every listener, “Dirty Water” describes the emotional turmoil that a bad relationship brings, and even after its coming to a close, lingers indefinitely.

The poignant song, which premiered on Hypebeast February 15th, takes a surprisingly upbeat tone, with Flower passionately lamenting the plight of a person caught in the struggle of residual love.  Flower’s dynamic voice is reminiscent of The Neighbourhood’s Jesse Rutherford, who he collaborated with on the song “For Which I Dance,” and his unique stylings have been compared to the famed Lana Del Rey. Other collaborations include such diverse acts as Rico Nasty, Quinn XCII, and ELOHIM.

“Dirty Water,” is demonstrative of Flower’s ability to transcend multiple genres of music, as he continues to elevate his eclectic sound by blending hip hop with electronic-pop, creating music that is not only of the moment but is uniquely his.

The artist says of his latest track, “Dirty Water, love and liquor, dependency, hope. I don't remember writing the song, but I do know these methods of filling some void informed the creation. We're all like fish swimming along in schools or all alone, as the water gets murkier and the screens get clearer.”  The song, like the artist, speaks for itself.

Listen to "Dirty Water" below.

Yoshi Flower - Dirty Water (Audio)

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