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Barbara Kruger Parodied Supreme's Drops

Barbara Kruger arranged satirical showcases depicting the of excitement and absurdity around Supreme.
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Within the framework of the Performa17 Biennal in New York,  Barbara Kruger has released a series of art pieces called Untitled (The Drop), aimed at drawing attention to the extremities of consumerism, and the infamous hype around everything that Supreme does. For the first live performance, Barbara chose Soho. The demonstration took place in a makeshift shop with merchandise specfically created for performance together with the brand Volcom street wear. Attendees were offered the chance to line up and make a purchase, only within a short 10 minute time frame. The allusion to Supreme is obvious: on all things there is a tag very similar to the brand logo (which it is said they stole her work to create,) but with the words "WANT IT, BUY IT, FORGET IT". The next (and last) performance will be held on November 16.

It's fitting, as Barbara Kruger is known for her conceptual posters on current political and social topics.




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