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Cindy Crawford Returns to Pepsi for Super Bowl

The supermodel reprises her Pepsi-sipping role.

Following its disastrous ad with Kendall Jenner (honestly, who could forget?), Pepsi has made the wise decision of going back to its roots. In a new teaser, Cindy Crawford hops out of a red corvette and sips a can of Pepsi by an old school gas station. The veteran supermodel will be the face of the brand’s Super Bowl advertising campaign — proving there’s nothing better than the original.


Non-Millennials will remember that in 1992, a 26-year-old Crawford in a Pepsi ad that, judging by the looks of it, is the inspiration for 2018. Again, nothing better than the original. Watching the 1992 ad, it’s clear just how much Crawford’s daughter, rising model Kaia Gerber, is a spitting image. However, it’s another Crawford offspring, her son, Presley Gerber, who will be appearing beside her in the campaign, giving it a nice contemporary upgrade.


Watch the 1992 campaign below.  


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